Bob Bednar is a k-12 school counselor and is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a bachelor’s degree in social science and history. He has a Masters Degree from the University of Nebraska Omaha, and has completed additional graduate work through the University of Nebraska Kearney. He is married to his wife, Sandy, and they have three grown sons.

The comments on this blog do not reflect Mr. Bednar’s school, the administration, his church affiliation, any organization or group. They are strictly his comments as he attempts to apply his faith on a daily basis, based on his reading of the Holy Scriptures.

The purposes of this blog are many. Primarily, though, my hope is to initiate a conversation amongst the readers of this blog on topics related to working in the public school. Some of the conversation will be related to school counseling issues, while others will focus on working with students and adults in general. Regular readers will find, I hope, a helpful (and fun – and maybe, at times, annoying) resource for their spiritual journey. Many of the thoughts and comments will be mine. However, the reader will also discover the thoughts of respected, and some not-so-respected, thinkers (Christian and other) on a variety of topics.


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