Real Change

Do people really change for the better as they experience difficulties? Or, do people merely become more of who they already are? What makes a person become a better person? How can you help someone become a better person? Counseling / psychology theories emphasize overcoming childhood hang ups while others emphasize finding ways to meet a pyramid of needs under conditions of acceptance and optimum resources. Whatever happened to the idea of sin? Does each person have an inner tendency to do the wrong thing, even though they know what is right? Consciously doing wrong, thinking that one is only accountable to self, pursuing only selfish physical, emotional or material goals is a strong theme today. Self sacrifice for others, pushing for goals that out last this life, looking beyond the here and now is a rare attitude. It is hard to admit, but each person needs help. Self sufficiency and independence lead a person away from community, from strong emotional bonds, and away from the Creator. The only way to achieve lasting healthy chance is to be aligned with the Creator. He is in pursuit of us. He created each of us, and wants us to be what He intended. He is willing to provide what we truly need. Relying on His leading, not our own, is a must. This must be done daily, moment by moment; not a once for all of time decision, but based on a deep intimate commitment to follow His teachings. The only hope for change is constant renewal, trusting the grace He provides. The more we discover this grace, the more we can see the direction and path to follow. It’s as if we had suffered amnesia, in retrospect, but now we see dimly. One day, we will see fully, clearly, and completely.


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