Beyond Good Intentions

After reading and listening to Dr. Tim Keller, I have been evaluating my own intentions and motivations. Keller states that there are three ways to live your life: 1) anti-Christian / atheistic; 2) intently desiring to be a Christ follower; 3) following the rules of being a Christian. These methods for living are outlined in the Parable of the Sons. One can have a ‘live and learn’ attitude like the prodigal, a ‘you owe me’ attitude like the elder son, or an intent desire to live, similar to the father. Another way to illustrate ‘beyond good intentions’ is to develop a heart of a warrior, not that of a spectator. A warrior’s heart is characterized (Doug Shada) by being dissatisfied, devoted, directed, determined, and disciplined. Mark Driscoll’s video on being a ‘good soldier‘ is well worth watching.


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