Values Driven Counseling

January 8, 2009

Is it ever possible to provide counseling services that are completely value free?  My reflection concludes that all counseling efforts are driven by values, beliefs, or opinions.  The underlying concepts of counseling may be conscious or unconscious.  A counselor should work hard to be conscious of their belief system, and maintain the highest integrity for the ultimate outcome for the person being counseled.


A Basic Understanding

January 5, 2009

The “Counseling Philosophy” website is solely owned and operated by the author, Bob Bednar. It does not reflect the views or positions of any school, church or organization, and it is not responsible in anyway for the content and opinions of external internet sites, references, or submissions. The purpose of this site is to develop thought and discussion regarding the meaning of counseling in reference to a follower of Christ as he / she attempts to help others solve personal or social problems.


January 5, 2009

Welcome to School Counseling. Bob Bednar, author of this site, desires to encourageflashing_text_2 students to make appropriate and mature decisions for their future, helping them to set and attain high academic and career goals. Counseling in the public school requires an understanding of the nation’s culture and the changing trends of students. A school counselor can be an influential change agent in the local school culture, helping develop a positive school climate where all students are encouraged to discover and maximize their strengths. School counseling activities are not value free. The school counselor must be a continuous learner, yet cognizant of his / her own values and personal identity. Without self assurance and direction, the counselor is not fully effective.